Emulating Amiga

¿What do I Need to run my Amiga 500 soft on computer / mobile?
- Obviously, an emulator. 
- For Windows, best its WINUAE; You must get a "Kickstart ROM" (usually 1.3) , there are many places out there to get it. (look downside of this page por video)
 - If you dont want to search and configure, you can buy a "Complete" and "ready to go" solution like Amiga Forever, it includes a program with emulator and games ready to play.
- For mobile like Android, I recommend Omega 500, not available on Google Playstore but in its web (look down this page). 

¿Games or software for the Amiga 500?
-- There are plenty of games and software already on multiple sites on internet, just like EmuParadise:

or  search in google for amiga 500 software.
 - The roms are in extension ".adf", download it and play on the emulator.
note: You must have the original software to legal test it. 

¿Exists emulation of Amiga 500 in Raspberry Pi?
-- Yeah, its called Amibian. Check instructions to install this sytem on the Raspberry: http://stuffjasondoes.com/2018/07/18/installing-amiga-workbench-on-raspberry-pi-with-amibian/


Video Tutorial installing Emulator


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